About us


about us

Love for Serbia. Respect for rich tradition. Homemade brandy, old-school food recipes and typical Serbian hospitality, when presented in the right way, are never forgotten. These are souvenirs that are carried in your heart. There are no miles that can erase this strong seal. Delight for all the senses. A lifelong memory.

It was a long time ago in 1985. It was the best year for some. Someone could hardly wait for it to end. For the Popovic family – the most important. Everything they carry, everything they know, everything the elders have taught them. And more than all this, they took from their native Mileseva near Zlatar and brought to Belgrade. They opened the Zlatar restaurant. To make the ancestors proud. So that people from all over the world enjoy like never before.

Specialty after specialty. This is how the menu could be described. It offers rustic savoury and sweet treats, fantastic appetizers, stews, barbecue, à la carte, cooked meals, baking. Groceries travel daily from Zlatar to your stomach. Simply, gastronomic perfection from the most beautiful dreams.

Just when you think that it cannot be more perfect, experienced staff will reassure you with the offer of brandy. Their own, homemade, real Serbian brandy in exactly 31 editions. It speaks all languages. At first sip.
Every evening, live music enriches a unique paradise. You will be delighted without doubt. Do not wait for a special occasion and invitation. Organize your celebration in gold restaurant.

Everything you imagine, the Zlatar restaurant will make possible.